1. What is B.Protocol?

B.Protocol aims to make lending platforms more capital efficient and stable by incentivizing simple users and professional traders to act as keepers (liquidators of under-collareralized loans).
B.Protocol V1 incentivizes professional traders to act as keepers in MakerDAO and Compound, by letting MakerDAO and Compound users to give liquidation priority to these keepers, in return for sharing the proceeds of the liquidations. This way the miners' extracted profits (MEV) go back to the users of the platform, and the platform enjoys more committed liquidators.
In B.Protocol V2, currently live over Liquity protocol (and soon over bZx and others), users are incentivized to deposit funds that will be used for the liquidation process in order to enjoy the full liquidation proceeds (e.g. becoming the keepers themselves). Users deposited funds are kept in a yield-bearing platform, and when liquidation is needed, their funds are used to execute the trade with 5-10% profit. Finally, a novel on-chain algorithm is used to rebalance the liquidation proceeds back to the originally deposited currency.

2. Who should use B.Protocol?

2.1 Lending platform Users

If you are a user of MakerDAO or Compound, and want to help professional keepers fight MEV and share the MEV profits with them. Use our V1 to import your MakerDAO/Compound account, or open a new account at
If you hold LUSD stable coin, and want to deposit in Liquity's stability pool, without the hassle and gas cost of converting the ETH back to LUSD after every liquidation. If you want to help in making Liquity's stability pool more capital efficient, by committing to automatic rebalancing via a novel AMM formula. Use our V2 to manage your stability pool deposits.

2.2 Lending, synthetic assets, derivatives, and stable coin platforms

  • If you want to help your users to avoid liquidations and to allow higher leverage.
  • If you want a decentralized and transparent keepers ecosystem instead of paying centralized market makers to backstop your platform.
  • If you want to support low liquidity assets.
Tap into our V2 and let the community pool funds towards a more efficient, transparent, and decentralized keeper ecosystem.

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