Intro to B.Protocol

B.Protocol is a DeFi Economic Risk Mitigation Hub.
B.Protocol was founded in mid-2020 with the vision to enable safety growth for the DeFi ecosystem. As a first step B.Protocol launched a Backstop liquidity protocol to allow a robust, capital-efficient liquidation engine. The protocol launched its v2 in mid-2021 enabling anyone to participate in DeFi's lucrative liquidation processes with its Backstop Automated Market Maker (BAMM) - providing over $300m of liquidity to backstop supported lending platforms.
In mid-2022, B.Protocol initiated RiskDAO - a sub Service-DAO providing risk assessment and risk management solutions for DeFi platforms. Together with partners such as the research arm of 1kx, La-Tribu dev team, and other researchers and devs, RiskDAO fast became a leader in the space.
Since early 2023, B.Protocol has broadened its scope, developing Risk Oracle in order to enable a more neutral, automated economic risk management for the DeFi ecosystem, minimizing the human factor in order to align it with the DeFi ethos of self-execution.
B.Protocol is run by a community of risk-aware DeFi players building open protocols for risk mitigation and assessment, governed by the BPRO token.
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